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You are now 60 days away from your big day and it’s time to start planning your bridal shower. Whether you’re doing the planning on your own or have the help of your “BFF” or a wedding planner we have a put together a list of things to take into consideration during your planning process.


  1. Choosing a Venue

    What Season will your shower be held in?!? Here is North Carolina Spring or Summer are the perfect seasons to hang out at one of your local wineries. With over 100 wineries to choose from, you’re sure to find a location close by that fits your unique taste for the occasion. Take a look at the link and download a winery listing and a map of North Carolina.
    Heading into the Fall, you may want to consider a local farm with all of its Harvest delight. After all, who doesn’t enjoy Pumpkin Spice everything while taking in autumn’s foliage in all of her grandeur?
    When Winter arrives and things start to get a little chilly outside it’s time to head indoors. Local hotels offer spacious, economical banquet or meeting spaces that can accommodate a cozy gathering of friends and family. Brands such as the Home2 Suites by Hilton feature modern and spacious meeting/banquet rooms and accommodations with the option to add audiovisual equipment such as LCD projectors, screens, flat screen television and even speakers. After your function you can sit outside around their fire pit with a cup of hot chocolate and reflect on the awesome time you’ve had. Take a look at all of their locations right here North Carolina at


  1. Planning the Menu 

    Now that you’ve narrowed down your choice of venue, it’s time to choose the food. Your guests may not remember the color of the walls or carpet at the venue, but they will remember if your food was less than desirable. Now you have to ask yourself a few questions “Does my venue offer catering?” “Am I responsible to provide catering on my own”? “What type of crowd am I catering for?” “Do I have a theme that I’m following”? Let’s take your guests into consideration for a few moments- the vegans, the vegetarians, the gluten free crowd, the lactose intolerant, peanut allergies etc. The list can go on forever so we recommend a little bit of everything for everyone. What will you and your girls be drinking? Will alcohol be involved in the mix? If yes appetizers on the heavier side or even a simple entrée is a good idea.


  1. Invitations

    Paper vs. Electronic. If you’re planning on a budget, evites are a good way to save a little bit of money. If paper is your preference there are lots of economical options you design and even print yourself. Paper invitations are also good keepsakes for scrapbooks and photo albums especially for your older friends and family members that want mementoes from your milestone. Doing half and half is another option. Facebook groups whether open or closed is yet another increasing popular alternative to traditional invitations or even evites. Tracking of R.S.V.P.S. is another component of your invitation process. With evites or Facebook groups the tracking is done for you. With paper invitations, you can opt for your guests to mail back a card or to R.S.V.P. via email. The great thing about having a dependable planner is that they take care of managing all of the R.S.V.P.’s for you. For those guests that do not respond in a timely manner your planner can assist with making phone calls or sending follow up emails so you can ensure your reserved venue has enough space and you don’t violate your local fire code by accommodating too many guests in a space that is not considered safe in the event of an emergency such as fire. This also helps determine how much food you will need to order as you don’t want too much so that it goes to waste or too little that y actually run out.


  1. Decorations & Colors

    These two items are more important than people like to admit. Choosing the wrong colors for your event can give it the wrong mood and setting. The right décor can turn an empty ordinary space into a magical and festive place. All of your Pinterest dreams and desires can be achieved whether you “Do It Yourself” or you purchase things already-made whether online or from a store. When choosing décor for your shower be mindful that not all venues permit the placement of items that require tape or thumbtacks on their walls. If your venues contract does not state any specifics please ask questions and reconfirm!


  1. Photos 

    Depending on your budget you may opt for a photo booth or even having a professional photographer on deck. If not, a dependable friend with a really good camera that knows how to take good photos is an economical fallback. Before trusting anyone check their social media channels to see what type of photos they have posted and if they have a good eye. If their page is full of selfies you may not want to trust them to capture your special day. They might spend more time snapping selfies of themselves rather than capturing your special moments. If you decide not to hire a photographer you need someone that will be mindful of shadows, lighting backgrounds etc. Most importantly they need to catch you in all of your glory. In ten years you need to be able to look back at your photos and relive your shower one photo at a time and smile. If a photo booth is not in the stars, a nice photo backdrop is a great alternative and/or a hand painted picture frame. If you’re not “crafty”, you’re bound to have a really good friend that you can rely on to help you out.





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